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Restoration and Refurbishment

Stonework specialise in the restoration and refurbishment of historic and modern buildings and structures.

Stonework undertakes as a company mainly in Ireland. With years of training, knowledge and practice we provide superior understanding of exterior restoration and preservation and offer a wide range of masonry services ranging from new construction to repair and restoration of old buildings.

Our experts will always advise our customers upon the most appropriate action that should be taken when they inspect your property. Let us take care of the re-pointing, one of the most time-consuming yet crucial elements in building maintenance.

Other Services

Dry Stone Wall

Dry Stone Walls

Dry stone structures include walls, bridges, arches, tombs, beehive huts, oratories and fortifications. The craft is often seen as an innate skill passed through generations. Practitioner’s range from farmers, masons and sculptors.

granite steps

Maintenance Services

Maintaining a property can be complex and costly, with a range of challenges. Stonework are designed to cater to the unique needs of property owners in Ireland, ensuring that your property remains in top-notch condition.


Masonry Services

Our bricklayers have built houses, apartments, commercial and educational developments throughout Ireland. We draw on long years of experience to provide excellent finished projects for you. They are fully trained and certified

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